Wilson Floor installs both unfinished and prefinished wood floors.  Unfinished wood floors are later sanded and finished in the home to create a smooth finish without any beveled edges between the boards.  Prefinished wood floors arrive already finished and are ready to use after installation.

Typically, unfinished wood floors are made of solid wood and prefinished wood floors are made of engineered wood.  The engineered wood is specially constructed with multiple layers of wood running opposite directions to give it the stability to install directly over concrete subfloors without the use of a plywood subfloor.  This has the added advantage of not drastically changing the floor elevations from one room to the next.  The prefinished, engineered wood floors are available both smooth and distressed in texture.

The Wilson Difference

Wood floors are Wilson Floor's only business.  We do not hold anything back for any other floor surfaces which allows us to bring the best in the business to each job.  We take great pride in doing all of the little things - like addressing floor squeaks before each installation - that make a big difference in the end.

Wilson Floor is professional and dependable.  We arrive on time, as scheduled, and use only our own skilled craftsmen.  The best work comes from full-time, dedicated specialists in any business, and hardwood flooring is no different.