Wilson Floor sands and finishes both new and existing floors.  Furniture is moved off the wood floor, plastic sheeting is hung over surrounding cabinetry and fixtures, and the old finish is removed to the bare wood.  The floor is either stained for a darker color or finished clear for a "natural" appearance.  For floors in good condition that do not need to be sanded, we clean up the surface and apply a new coat of finish which maintains the appearance of the floor.

Sanding Floor

The Wilson Difference

Hardwood floors can be sanded to the bare wood only a limited number of times.  How many times depends on the thickness of the wood and this is directly affected by the skill of the refinisher and the sequence of sandpapers used on the job.  Less experienced operators will use coarser grits of paper and rush the sanding process which will lead to an uneven floor and early finish wear.  That is where an apparent savings on refinishing can cost more with having to replace all of the floor.

Wood floors are Wilson Floor's only business.  We do not hold anything back for any other floor surfaces which allows us to bring the best in the business to each job.  We take great pride in doing all of the little things - like masking off mouldings before staining - that make a big difference in the end.

Wilson Floor is professional and dependable.  We arrive on time, as scheduled, and use only our own skilled craftsmen.  The best work comes from full-time, dedicated specialists in any business, and hardwood flooring is no different.